Allah Rabbul Izzat declares in His Kalaam:

“O you who have Imaan! Do not take the Jews and Christians as friends. They (all Kuffaar) are only the friends of each other (and cannot be your friends). Whoever of you befriends them, then he is surely from among them (because all the Kuffaar are one community). Verily Allah does not guide a nation of wrong-doers (who befriend the Kuffaar).”

[Surah Maa’idah, Aayat 51]

 Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Whoever emulates a nation (thereby showing his love for them), is amongst them (and will be raised amidst them on the Day of Qiyaamah).”

In the latest issue of a local tabloid (as is the norm every year) there are a few pages dedicated to Diwali greetings. It is sad to note that more than 80% of these advertisers are ‘muslim’ businesses.

One so-called ‘Muslim’ business even had the gall to state, “May the Almighty bless our Hindu and Tamil Community…” [Nauthubillah!]

There is unanimity amongst the Fuqaha that blessing the kuffaar on their religious festivals and holy days, is not at all permissible. Some have even classified it as kufr!

Logic dictates that by wishing a kaafir well on his religious festival, means that the well-wisher not only condones the festival, but also desires its success. This is the very antithesis of Imaan!

Every Muslim must believe without a shred of doubt that Islam is the only true Deen and all others are false. By demonstrating even the slightest inclination or affiliation to kufr is in itself kufr.

It is mentioned in Fataawa Tataarkhaan, in the section discussing the laws of Irtidaad, that if during a festival of the Mushrikeen, a Muslim wishes them well (like saying “Happy or Blessed Diwali”, etc.) there is fear of his having committed kufr!

The following excerpt is reported in Fataawa Bazaaziya, “It has been reported from Imaam Abu Hafs (rahmatullahi alaih), “If a man worshipped his Rabb for 50 years, and then the day of Nairooz (a Mushrik festival like Diwali) arrives and he gifts a small gift to a Mushrik in respect and honour of his festival. This man has indeed committed kufr (i.e. he is a kaafir regardless of his 50 years of devout Ibaadat).”

Living in peace with the kuffaar does not mean we need to condone and honour their ways of kufr.

A Muslim should never sell his Imaan for measly worldly benefit.

Not only have those ‘muslims’ who advertised Diwali wishes suffered monetary losses in this advertising, they have bartered away their Imaan. What a total loss!


May Allah Ta`ala guide us all to understand our duties towards Him and may He save us from ignorance and kufr.