A letter by IMASA (Islamic [sic] Medical Association of SA) addressed to the bogus uucsa, dated 04th May 2020, which is signed by a Dr. Yakub Moosa Essack is circulating on social media.

Whilst the Ulama fraternity would dismiss this entire regurgitation as bunkum from an Islamic perspective, we feel it our duty to counsel the group of Doctors, who see fit delving into the domain in which they are total ignoramuses. The fact that they add the word “Islamic” to their title, does not by any stretch of imagination make them qualified to rule on Shar`i matters. The Musaajid and the rules pertaining to the Musaajid are beyond their scope of ‘expertise’. Doctors are ‘doctors’ and not Ulama or Muftis. They should stick to their colonoscopies and not poke their fingers where they don’t belong. These doctors should have limited their opinions to the medical field and merely submitted their opinions regarding the little coronavirus, which they so desperately fear. In fact, even their medical opinions here conflict with the authentic Ahaadith of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam), who distinctly said, “There is NO contagion.”

So, perhaps it would have been best that they kept all of their opinions – medical or otherwise – to themselves.

There was absolutely no need or cause for them to submit their silly estimations and projections regarding our Musaajid. After all, Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) did give the glad tidings that when disease descends from the sky, it is averted from the inhabitants of the Musaajid. Some people in the medical and legal fraternities don’t seem to have Yaqeen in the words of our Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam), hence they dabble in perverse opinions. Since their Yaqeen in the Mubarak Prophetic words is literally non-existent, these so-called “intelligentsia” are usually awed by the words of disbelievers. In that case, it may interest them to read a quote of Thomas Jefferson, “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”  They should apply this to the present laws restricting our Musaajid.

Without delving into much detail in demonstrating to them the stupidity of their table of estimations and calculations regarding the various ridiculous lockdown stages and the number of congregants as opposed to the size of the Musjid etc., etc. which they have outlined, we will suffice on informing them that their entire letter will be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. We had initially intended debunking every silly point of theirs, but realised that the letter, in its entirety, was just plain ridiculous!

They must realise their treachery and hypocrisy in trying to dictate dumb restrictions on our Musaajid when their ‘heroes’ in government are so very lax when it comes to their own secular institutions. The government official stipulated a maximum limit of 40 learners per class when they return to school. This, they say, is an effort to curb the spread of the bogey virus, and yet, according to governmental specifications as outlined in the “South African Schools Act 1996 (Act 84 of 1996) – clause 9.c.2 under ‘Classrooms’,” [page 14 of said Act] it states clearly that the maximum number of students per class is………believe it or not….FORTY learners! And that too, in their suggested classroom size of 48m2! The disbelievers wish to leave their quotas as they always have been, and yet they (and our so-called ‘muslim’ doctors), desire, nay, demand that we restrict the number of congregants in the Musaajid! For a Musjid of 50m2 they want only 5 “worshippers” in level 4, 6 in level 3 and maximum of 12 in level 2. The idiots at IMASA even suggest a level 0 of lockdown and limit the number of “worshippers” to 16 under this fictional level! What a load of hogwash. Compare these figures to the government’s suggestions for their schools! The government suggests 40 learners under level 4 in their schools and these Munaafiqeen suggest only 5 for our Musaajid!!! This in not merely unfair, it is downright oppressive, unconstitutional and tyrannical!

We make dua that Allah Ta`ala allows the opening and normal functioning of all the Musaajid around the world where He can be worshipped as He deserves to be.

We reject all corrupt views of introducing ‘social distancing’ in the sufoof, the restriction of the number of Musallis for Salaat, the closing of wudhu-khanas, the introduction of filthy napaak sanitizers, the restrictions placed on age of Musallis allowed to enter the Musaajid and the wearing of stupid masks in Salaat.

The government and all those concerned must realise that an integral part of our Ibaadat is Ihsaan – we have to worship Allah Jalle Jalaalahu as though we are standing in His Presence, failing this lofty state, we HAVE to understand that He is Watching us. What is the need to apply stupid restrictions in the House of Allah Ta`ala? Why should we stand before our Creator with silly masks covering our faces? Why should we stand apart when our beloved Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) taught the exact opposite?

They should all understand very, very clearly — It is not only that we don’t want to implement these ridiculous impediments to our Ibaadat (modes of worship), we simply CANNOT do so. We are under strict instructions from our Rabb – The Almighty, The Supreme Creator, The Omnipresent – to worship Him as He Commanded us through the Sunnah of His beloved (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). We simply don’t have a choice in matters of Ibaadat! All their stupid suggestions and restrictions are basically inconsequential to us in relation to Divine Decree. We are dutibound to follow only ONE Path – Siraatul Mustaqeem.

The President of the country must also understand very clearly, Muslims simply CANNOT change their ways of worship – NOT EVER! His callous recent statement, “We will need to adapt to new ways of worshipping” has no bearing on Islamic teachings. Perhaps the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Rastas, Buddhists, etc. can adopt new ways of worship, as they have been doing throughout the ages, which has resulted in their present deviation. Islamic modes of worship will remain as they have always been. Muslims have a duty to protect the Deen, at all cost. Our Deen, our Qur`aan and “ways of worshipping” are IMMUTABLE. They will remain as they were revealed 1440 years ago and will continue to do so until Qiyaamah!

We make dua that sanity prevails and that no unqualified charlatan – be he a ‘muslim’ doctor, lawyer or disbelieving politician – tries to tell us how to worship our Rabb! They must never attempt to impose their will on our Deen.


 May Allah Ta`ala have mercy on this Ummah.