After numerous admonitions to the Arabs to cease their consumption of liquor, Allah Ta`ala finally revealed the Aayat, rebuking them harshly:

WILL YOU THEN DESIST?” [Surah Ma`idah Aayat 91]

The likeness of SANHA to dipsomaniacs is striking. They continue and continue on the path of deviation and deception in their drunken stupor. They never admit their errors but are always at pains to justify their stupidity. A sign of humility is conceding one’s errors. But SANHA is way past any reformation. We have first-hand experience when visiting a Chicken Plant some years ago which was ‘supervised’ by SANHA, where the slaughterers themselves, without any prodding from us, admitted that they do NOT recite Tasmiyah for every chicken they slaughter, and yet, SANHA obstinately continued ‘certifying’ that carrion as Halaal! This is but one incident which we can attest to from first-hand experience. There are others as well.

Nevertheless, the plot in the recent “Cream of Tartar/Tartaric Acid Saga” in which SANHA has become embroiled with Cadbury Chocolates, thickens.

We had exposed their lies and money-making agenda in a very recent publication. Now SANHA, in an attempt to ‘save face’ and in trying to restore ‘credibility’ (which they never enjoyed in the first place) have issued a bulletin, “Flash News 198, The Cadbury Story in a Nutshell. In this article, their spin-doctoring only confirmed what we claimed earlier – SANHA HAVE BEEN EXPOSED FOR THE LIARS, CHEATS, TRAITORS AND MONEY-MAKING VERMIN THAT THEY ARE.

This latest stunt of theirs merely entrenches their wickedness. THEY SPEAK LIES TO COVER UP THEIR PREVIOUS LIES.

Sanha deceptively state in their bulletin:

“What is SANHA’s  position?

SANHA only approves products that utilize synthetically derived Tartaric acid. Use of a wine derived ingredient is neither condoned nor permitted by SANHA.”

And yet this is what the Cream of Tartar packaging, which SANHA ‘certifies’, states:


Everything else they mention in this bulletin is simply verbose and fictional gymnastics, aimed at confusing the public into believing them to be bona fides, having the interest of the public at heart. The bare truth is that not everyone is as stupid as they hope to think. SANHA continues to try and fool everyone all the time. Miserable Scoundrels!

SANHA approves Cream of Tartar made by Robertsons. The package on the Robertsons Cream of Tartar clearly states: “Cream of Tartar is obtained from sediment produced in the process of making wine.” [See picture above]

Notwithstanding this, SANHA has the gall and audacity to attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting public by deceptively saying they only ‘certify’ synthetically derived Tartaric Acid.






All this, for what? MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!!!!

SANHA (as well as NIHT, MJC, etc.) have sold their Aakhirah for such a miserable price! How much more wretched can they get?

We repeat to them the Words of our Rabb:

 “WILL YOU THEN DESIST?” [Surah Ma`idah Aayat 91]