“Amongst people there are those (the hypocrites) who say, “We believe in Allah and in the Final Day,” whereas they do not.

They (attempt to) fool Allah and the Mu’mineen (by posing as Mu’mineen), but they only fool themselves without realising it (because they are the ones who will suffer disgrace in this world when Allah exposes them and they will suffer in the Aakhirah as well when they are punished).

A disease (of hypocrisy and mistrust) is in their hearts, and Allah increases their disease. They shall suffer a painful punishment on account of the lies they speak (their lie is their claim that they are Muslims).

When they are told, “Do not cause corruption (mischief) on earth (by preventing people from Islam, the Musaajid and promoting kufr),” they say, “We are but reformers (peace-makers).”

Behold! They are the corrupters (trouble-makers), but they do not realise it.” [Surah Baqarah, Aayaat 8-12]

The above Aayaat of the Qur`aan Majeed perfectly describe the many hypocrites we have hiding in the Muslim Community in South Africa. Right in the opening pages of the Qur`aan Majeed, Allah Ta`ala warns us of these Munaafiqeen and their tricks. Notice the word “disease” used in the Aayaat, which is so apt. The COVID-19 disease has laid bare and exposed their hypocrisy.

Amongst these Munaafiqeen are, the Jamiat of Ebrahim Bham, MJC, IMA, SAMNET, MCC, GMSC, the Hindu Ebrahim Rasool,  and any other organisation or individual that has written to the government opposing the letter sent by lawyer Zehir Omar, who is representing the Mujlisul Ulama of SA and the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa (not to be confused with the non-Muslim Jamiat of Ebrahim Bham). In his letter, Zehir is requesting that the government allows the Musaajid to be reopened and that congregational Salaat continue.

These Munaafiqeen have now confirmed to the Muslims of South Africa their true intentions and the hypocrisy that lurks in their bosoms. Their latest stunt expels them totally from the fold of Islam. They should however be aware that the doors of Taubah are open as long as they have breath in their bodies. Until then we are constrained to regard them as enemies to the Deen of Allah Ta`ala.

The logic is simple…Some sincere Muslims have petitioned the government to grant a concession to Muslim men to attend the Musaajid – The Houses of Allah Ta`ala. Even if these hypocrites feel this to be unpalatable to them, the very least is that they should have remained silent and allow the matter to run its course. Just as any South African has the right to petition the government for concession, so too have true Muslims. Whether the government accedes to the request or not, is not in our control. At least some Muslims are trying what is in their capacity as citizens of the country. If the government agrees to allow the concession, then Alhamdulillah! Those who still wish to skulk in their homes, are not forced to attend the Musaajid. Those who fear the virus more than they do its Creator, can do what pleases them. However, as for those who wish to attend the Musaajid, allow them the freedom to do so. On the other hand, if the government refuses to allow the concession, then so be it. At least on the Day of Qiyaamat, these true Mu`mineen can stand in front of their Rabb with the conviction of at least having tried. An incident cited in Tafseer Ruhul Bayaan, demonstrates this effort, when an old lady entered the slave bazaar where Hadhrat Yusuf (alaihi salaam) was being sold. She asked that her name be placed on the list of bidders (even though she could not afford the asking price). She said, “List me as amongst the bidders for Yusuf, so that my name can be found in the Register of Lovers (of Allah Ta`ala and His Ambiyaa – alaihi salaam).” [ vol. 1, page 177]

In essence, she wished to be counted, on the Day of Qiyaamat, as being amongst those who wanted to save the great Nabi of Allah Ta`ala.

The fact that these persons (who wrote to the government to ignore the plea of the True Believers to have the Musaajid reopened), have lauded the government in their efforts and also praised them for instituting the repressive lockdown, is a clear indication of their kufr, because in their letters they have clearly alluded that they are pleased with the shutting down of the Musaajid! This is why Allah Ta`ala expressly states in His Kalaam that the Munaafiqeen will be in the deepest pits of Jahannam, even lower than the disbelievers and atheists, because even the disbelievers don’t stoop to this level!

When the Musaajid were forced to shut down, every single Believer should have felt the pain in his heart. Even though Muslims are not allowed to attend the Musaajid under the oppressive lockdown, at least the Mu`mineen should feel the yearning for resuming their normal Musjid attendance. When some Muslims are trying to petition the government to allow the Musaajid to be reopened, every Believer should be happy and supportive. It is only simple logic that anyone who opposes this attempt of the Mu`mineen, are enemies of Islam and Allah Ta`ala! After all, how would the reopening of the Musaajid adversely affect them that they so vehemently oppose it? The Aayaat cited above perfectly describe these enemies of Islam.


May Allah Ta`ala guide this Ummah.