by  Maulana Khaalid Khaan Qaasmi

A new way  adopted for wishing one another on the day of ‘Eid is  hand-shaking and hugging. This practise  has no basis in the Shariah of Islam.  Since this practice is not proven from any statement, deed or narration of Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam), nor from any Sahaabi (radhiyallaahu ‘anhum), and nor from any  Mujtahid Imaam,  it is a bid’ah which is an innovated  into Deen. It is a baseless custom.

The claim  of some people  that it is a good innovation is nothing but shaytaani deception and trickery. How can any Believer claim  that a practise which is innovated in conflict with Allah’s Shariah  and the Sunnah of  His Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam) is  better or good? It is of utmost importance to abstain from  these innovations.In fact hand-shaking embracing are  beautiful way and  good practices which are recommended by the Shariah.

However, the practice will  remain virtuous and [praiseworthy as long as it is observed in the manner specified by the Shariah. If it is  effected in conflict with the specification s of the Shariah, then that very practice which per se is laudable will be transformed into an evil innovation.It will be an act of transgression deserving punishment from Allah Ta’aala.Understand well that the Pristine Shariah has ordained hand-shaking at the time of meeting and departing, and  embracing/hugging at the time of returning from a  journey. There these two acts if done at these specified occasions, will  be deemed to be  Sunnah  and a means of virtue and reward.

If done on other then the specified occasions,  such as  the time of  the two Eids, it will be bid’ah. It is indeed anamolous that the father, sons, brothers, relatives, neighbours and friends  arrive collectively from their homes at the Eidgah and immediately after completing the Eid Salaah, they begin shaking hands with one another despite the fact that a very short while ago they had  collectively arrived from their homes chatting with one another. Neither is this their first meet nor is it a time for their separation, yet they initiate the acts of hand-shaking and hugging believing it to be an act of virtue associated with the occasion of Eid.  But the Shariah has not ordained these acts of hand-shaking and hugging for these occasions.

These are acts contrary to the Sharee’ah. They are s a bid’ah – a reprehensible innovation and interpolation  in Deen.  It is incumbent to abstain from all such acts.