“FIQH FOR THE MINORITIES” – A Modernist Attempt At Changing Our Beautiful Deen And Watering Down Our Shariah

Mr. Bham’s Jamiat based in Fordsburg recently assembled for a soiree with their stupid boys’ club at a recent shindig dubbed, South African Ulama Conference (SAUF), where they laid bare their nefarious intentions of altering this Deen of ours and replacing the Qur`aan and Sunnah with their concocted butt-licking of the kuffaar. They have subsequently circulated an article entitled, “Fiqh for Minorities – A Source Methodology and Framework Approach.” Their logo emblazoned on the article denotes their active participation and approval thereof.

Before we discuss their stupid verbose article, which incidentally, like most of their grandiose sounding articles, styled in the fashion of the ‘intelligentsia’ aimed at bamboozling the layman into thinking they are very smart and highly educated, but simply demonstrating that they are as cunning as a cartload of monkeys. This article quotes from various modernist contemporary sources. They quote obscure texts and give references from other non-entities like themselves, in an effort to give the impression that their views have some credence. Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of the blind leading the blind.

Nevertheless, we wish to bring to their attention the statement of Hadhrat Umar (radhiallahu anhu):

نحن قوم أعزَّنا الله بالإسلام فمهما ابتغينا العزَّة في غيره أذلَّنا الله

“We are a nation that Allah Ta`ala has honoured with Islam. If we seek honour elsewhere (other than Islam) Allah Ta`ala will disgrace us.”

In the Qur`aan Majeed, Allah Ta`ala emphatically declares:

اليوم أكملت لكم دينكم

“On this Day have I perfected for you your Deen.”

These delinquents have long begun treading the path of deviation precisely as the priests and rabbis of the former nations had done. They have long since begun dismantling our Deen, brick by brick with their shaitaani-inspired ideologies. They have now mustered the gall to publicly advertise their kufr ideologies. This article being one of their latest regurgitations. May Allah Ta`ala save us and may He grant all believers the Aql and insight to recognise this type of open heresy. The entire article is based on their premise or perception that our Deen is imperfect (Nauthubillah) and that it needs to be changed with the times. This type of thinking is kufr. In the Aayat quoted above, Allah Ta`ala goes on to declare, “And I am pleased with the Deen of Islam for you.” Allah Ta`ala makes it clear that the Deen has been perfected and He is pleased with this perfect Deen for us. For anyone to even insinuate or imply that the Deen needs to be ‘modified’ to suit the times and for the Deen to be adapted to care for minorities, is blatant kufr. The very same Islam that was revealed to our Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is the one we are expected to practice on today – 14 centuries later!

At the very beginning of this inane article, the author already suggests that the idea of formulating a “Fiqh for minorities” will be viewed with disdain by some – subtly suggesting that those who will object are not ‘rational-minded’ people.

The author writes: “To the idealist, a Fiqh for Minorities discussion is about contemporary scholars selling out Islam and not trying hard enough to enforce it in its classical form. But to the rational mind, a Fiqh for Minorities discussion is about confronting reality, trying to seek solutions to real problems within the framework of existing Fiqh and Usul-ul-Fiqh and in the process, preserving the Din as best as possible until Qiyamah.” What hogwash! They imply that following the Deen as it was revealed to Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and as practiced by the Sahaabah (radhiallahu anhum) is not sufficient to preserve the Deen, but rather if they apply their magic ‘Fiqh’ to contemporary matters, the Deen is sure to be preserved – better even than following the true Sunnah! Just like the Shiahs, they imply (Nauthubillah) that Allah Ta`ala did not foresee circumstances that will prevail in the 21st century and beyond and so Islam needs these bumpkins to lead the way! We state unequivocally that not only is it possible in present times to practice on our Deen in accordance to “classical Fiqh Texts” but it is as simple as it was since its inception. It is the weakness of Imaan and influence of shaitaan and the nafs that make Muslims believe otherwise!

The article then stupidly tries to draw a distinction between “sources of Islamic Law inclusive of the Maqasid of Shariah” and the “lived reality of Muslims residing under non-Muslim rule”. They propose a “balancing act” between these two, thereby implying that the Shariah does not cater for Muslims who live in kuffaar countries, and that this necessitates their bloated egos to come to the rescue. Note their verbose terminology of “sources of Islamic Law and Maqasid of Shariah” etc. All this in simple terms boils down to our very purpose of creation – Allah Ta`ala describes it in simple terms: “And I have not created Jinn and man, except that they worship Me.” The one and only maqsad and purpose of our creation, (and thereby our) Deen and Shariah is to worship Allah Ta`ala. That purpose is best achieved by following the Sunnah of Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and his Sahaabah (radhiallahu anhum). The Fuqaha have codified this into the four Mathaahib. All this is applicable to every Muslim for all times, regardless of their race or nationality – majority or minority.

These idiots formulate all sorts of terminology and phraseology to vex the readers and mesmerise them.

On page 3 of this article, we see their despicable intentions. They propose this shaitaani inspired Fiqh for Minorities bunkum in order to push their various agendas – Muslim Personal Law, Muslim participation in kuffaar politics (they conveniently forget the Qur`aan Majeed clearly describing those who govern contrary to the Law of Allah Ta`ala as kuffaar), Muslim participation in kuffaar banking systems (thereby legalising riba), Muslims joining the kuffaar armies, Muslim reciting kuffaar national anthems, Muslims participation in kuffaar funerals of “state signatories” and they also allude to animal slaughter without going into detail. This article is a precursor to future kufr ideologies.

It is glaringly obvious that given recent events locally and internationally, where political figures died and many ‘muslims’ discarded their Imaan by participating in these funerals and committing all sorts of acts of kufr which were criticised by the Ulama-e-Haqq, this band of Imaani-dacoits have formulated this fancy sounding concept, self-styed as ‘Fiqh for Minorities’, to hoodwink the Muslim masses into accepting kufr and transgression as acceptable in our Shariah. These shameless excuses for humans, have resorted to using Arabic terminology and misleading ideologies cloaked in the garb of Deeni-sounding words to alter, mutilate and disfigure our Deen and Shariah, so they can earn high titles and jobs working side by side with their kuffaar masters. They quote fiqhi terms like “darurah, urf, hajah, raf’ul haraj, umumul balwa,” etc. to give the impression that their monstrosity has some semblance to the classical fiqh, but all they wish to do is repurpose the classical fiqhi concepts to suit their nefarious aims and devilish objectives. As much as they try to claim that their purpose is not to “recreate fiqh or change the shariah”, only a dunce who is dense in the brain will fail to see that this is precisely their intention. Allah Ta`ala describes them in numerous Aayaat as those who sell the Deen for a paltry miserable worldly exchange!

The one Aayat they quote wherein Allah Ta`ala advises that Muslims live in peace with those kuffaar who do not persecute them because their Deen, is misconstrued by these megalomaniacs to mean that Muslims must suck up to the kuffaar and adapt the Deen to live with them. La Howla, what miserable louts they are! A Muslim must be proud of his/her Deen. The kuffaar must submit their beliefs and practices to ours, and not the other way around.

The article surreptitiously tries to bolster their formulation of a new shariah by citing Hadhrat Yusuf (alaihi salaam) and also the migration to Habshah and comparing these to ‘minorities’ and their adaptations to conform with the situation. Both these comparisons do not apply to our times. The incident of Hadhrat Yusuf (alaihi salaam) was a unique one. His Shariah does not apply to us. The migration to Habshah was at a time when Muslims were being oppressed and it was during the initial phase of Islam. Islam today – regardless of any minority in any country – has advanced to a great and in the words of the Qur`aan, a “perfect Deen”. Our Deen and practices are not subject to the times or circumstances. Islam – The Classical Shariah – is not subjected to anyone or anything. Islam is the Dominant!

We don’t follow their politics, they should follow our Deen.

We don’t follow their financial systems, they should follow ours.

We don’t follow their laws of marriage, divorce, custody, etc. They should follow ours.

If they do not wish to follow our ways, then at the very least we should proudly follow our own. Muslims should never suffer an inferiority complex. The Truth is overpowering, it is never overpowered!

In our country the non-Muslims do not force us to submit to their beliefs or even politics. We are free to practice as we wish without causing harm to them or even disobeying their laws. Why do we need to ‘formulate’ a new Fiqh just so that we can curry favour with them?

Another objective of these name, fame and money-hungry cretins formulating this new ‘Fiqh’ is evident when they hint at forming a ‘Fiqh Council’. They brazenly allude to a consensus of their “Fiqh” being built over time. These scoundrels who know not the basics of Istinjaa wish to set themselves up as mujtahids. They advocate the introduction of their silly “fiqh” into the Darul Uloom syllabi.  What gall! Do they think their trashy ideas and crappy papers can ever replace the classical texts? This is nothing but the beginning of a new sect whose ultimate goal is to refashion, reformulate and finally replace our Deen and Shariah to suit and conform to some New World Order!

 May Allah Ta`ala guide this Ummah.