“There is no doubt (or error) in this Book (the Qur’aan). In it is (a means of) guidance for those with Taqwa.

 Those (with Taqwa are they) who have Imaan in the unseen, who establish Salaah (they regularly perform Salaah – men in Jamaat – ensuring that all its conditions are fulfilled) and who spend from what We have provided for them.

Those (with Taqwa are they) who believe in what has been revealed to you (in the Qur’aan) and what has been revealed before you and they are convinced about (the reality of) the Aakhirah.

These (people described above) are the ones who are on guidance from their Rabb and they are the successful ones.” [Surah Baqarah, Aayaat 2-5]

The media-hype on this virus has certainly dulled the brains of most Muslims around the world. In a crazy frenzy to prove their stupidity they lay totally false claims on the Qur`aan Majeed.

Muslims need no concocted ‘proofs’ from the Qur`aan Majeed to substantiate the COVID-19 virus or the existence of anything else. We do not need the Kalaam of Allah Ta`ala to prove the science of atheists. We believe in the UNSEEN.

 Allah Ta`ala puts it so beautifully in the Ayat following the above Aayaat:

“Verily, it makes no difference to the Kaafiroon whether you warn them or do not warn them; they will still not have Imaan.

Allah has placed a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing (so they do not heed what they hear), while there is a veil over their eyes (so they do not see the truth). Theirs shall be a terrible punishment.” [Surah Baqarah, Aayaat 6-7]

 Allah Ta`ala tells us that warning them makes no difference, so where is the logic in concocting theories from the Qur`aan Majeed to convince them of its authenticity? This is stupidity upon stupidity.

Even more sad, is when gullible ignorant people circulate trash they receive on social media without giving it second thought.

 An article recently circulated which tries to ‘prove’ that the virus and the actual word “Coronavirus COVID-19” appears in the Qur`aan Majeed is so hilarious that even the most dim-witted person would see through its inanity.

 1.     The message in question starts with: “Omg wowwww!!!” – Typical case of small things amuse small minds.

2.     The writer claims to be using ‘Google Translate’ to translate from an original article written in Arabic. The wording of this entire article leaves much to be desired. The logic, phraseology and content are simply abysmal.

3.     The dimwit author claims that Surah Muddath-thir mentions the time when the virus will appear, where it will appear, the reason for appearance, etc., etc.

4.     The ignoramus claims that the number “19” in COVID-19 appears in Aayat 30 of Surah Muddath-thir. The idiot simply extracts the one place in the Qur`aan Majeed where the number “19” appears and tries to superimpose it on the virus. Ayat 30 in Surah Mudath-thir has a totally different connotation and relevance. It does not even REMOTELY refer to the virus. Hereunder is the actual translation of the entire Surah:

 1.     O you wrapped in a blanket.

2.     Stand up (among the people) and warn (them about Allah’s punishment for rejecting Imaan).

3.     Announce the greatness of your Rabb (which is a most important element of your message).

4.     (When preaching Tawheed, mind your appearance and ensure that you) Keep your clothing clean. (External purity complements internal purity.)

5.     (In addition to this, also) Stay away from filth (idols and sin, as you have always been doing).

6.     Do not give (anything) to others with the intention of receiving back more (from them as a token of thanks).

7.     Be patient (endure the taunts and opposition of the Kuffaar) for the sake (pleasure) of your Rabb (for He will reward you abundantly for it).

8.     When the trumpet is blown (to signal the arrival of Qiyaamah)…

9.     …that day will be an extremely severe day…

10.  …for the Kaafiroon and it will not be easy.

11.  (Referring specifically to Waleed bin Mughiera, one of Rasulullaah’s (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) worst enemies, and to all such Kuffaar in general, Allah says,) Leave Me (to deal) with the one (the Kaafir) whom I have created single-handedly…

12.  …and to whom I have granted ever increasing wealth…

13.  …sons who are present with him…

14.  …and for whom I have prepared every type of comfort.

15.  He then wishes that I grant him even more (in the Aakhirah).

16.  Never (he shall never receive any good in the Aakhirah) ! He was certainly opposed to Our Aayaat.

17.  I shall soon make him climb a mountain of Jahannam.

18.  Verily, (when Waleed was asked about the Qur’aan) he thought (about what to say so that the Mushrikeen are not displeased, even though he knew that the Qur’aan was truly Allah’s word) and (finally he) devised something (he decided to announce that the Qur’aan was magic and that Rasulullaah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was a magician).

19.  May he be destroyed! How does he plot?

20.  May he be destroyed again! How does he plot?

21.  He looked (at the Mushrikeen waiting for his reply)…

22.  …and then frowned (to show dislike for the Qur’aan) and scowled.

23.  Then he turned away and was proud.

24.  He said, “This is nothing but magic recounted from (fables of) the past.”

25.  “This is nothing but the word of man.”

26.  I shall soon enter him into Jahannam.

27.  What shall inform you what Jahannam is?

28.  It neither spares (anyone) nor leaves (anyone without injury).

29.  It distorts the body.

30.  Nineteen angels are appointed (as keepers to watch) over it.

31.  We have made only angels the keepers of the Fire (because each of them is stronger than all of mankind and Jinn and because they never disobey Allah). We have made their number (nineteen) only a test for the Kaafiroon (to see who scoffs at the number) so that the People of the Book may be convinced (about the truth of the Qur’aan because the same number is mentioned in their divine scriptures) and so that the Mu’mineen may be increased in Imaan (by believing in another verse of the Qur’aan). (The number has been fixed at nineteen) So that the People of the Book and the Mu’mineen may not doubt (the words of the Qur’aan) and so that those with diseased hearts (the Munaafiqeen) and the Kaafiroon may say, “What does Allah intend with this (strange) example?” Thus does Allah send astray whoever He wills (allows them to stray) and guides whoever He wills. Only He (Allah) knows the armies of your Rabb (the number of angels and other forces He uses). This (Qur’aan with all its subject matter) is certainly advice (guidance) for mankind.

32.  Indeed, by the oath of the moon!

33.  And by the oath of the night when it retreats (at dawn to make way for daylight)!

34.  And by the oath of the morning when gets bright!

35.  Undoubtedly it (Jahannam) is among the gravest matters.

36.  (It signals) A warning for mankind (that he should avoid everything leading towards it)…

37.  …(it is a warning especially) for those of you who wish to advance (towards good) and those who wish to retreat (move away from good).

38.  Every soul shall be held back (in Jahannam) in custody for his (evil) actions…

39.  …except for the people of the right (those who will receive their records of actions in their right hands).

40.  They will be in Jannat asking…

41.  …the sinners (in Jahannam).

42.  “What has landed you in Jahannam?”

43.  They will reply, “We were not among those who performed Salaah…”

44.  “…and we did not feed the poor.”

45.  “We used to be absorbed (in finding ways to oppose Islaam) with those who were absorbed…”

46.  “…and we used to deny the Day of Reckoning…”

47.  “…until death came to us (only then we realised the error of our ways, but it was too late).”

48.  The intercession of intercessors will not help them (because no one will be allowed to intercede on their behalf).

49.  What is the matter with them that they turn away from the Advice (the Qur’aan)…

50.  …(they turn away from it so vehemently) that they seem like wild donkeys…

51.  …fleeing from a lion?

52.  In fact, (to believe in Rasulullaah sallallahu alaihi wasallam) each one of them wants to be given open scriptures (from the heavens, clearly commanding them to follow him).

53.  Never (this will never happen) ! The fact is that (they refuse to believe because) they have no fear for the Aakhirah.

54.  Behold! This (Qur’aan) is the Advice.

55.  So whoever wills should take heed (because there shall be no separate book for each one).

(However,) They cannot take heed unless Allah wills. It is He Who should be feared and He Who forgives.”

 As can be clearly seen from the above, the mentioning of “19” describes the number of angels deputed over a portion of Jahannum. It has absolutely nothing to do with the year 2019 when the coronavirus appeared and the year after which the virus got its name.

5.     The stupid article then claims that Aayaat 12 and 13 refer to China – the origin of the virus! The author’s idiocy is evident to anyone who studies the entire Surah.

6.     The dimwit then outlines the ways to “treat” the virus. He stupidly claims that the Surah summarizes this in “six stages: awareness (verse 2), remembrance (verse 3), cleansing (verse 4), healthy abandonment (verse 5), not being eager (in hoarding) (verse 6) and patience (verse 7).” The apparent stupidity of these claims is unquestionable.

7.     This crazy article then tries to define the “armies of Allah” in its own deranged way. We won’t even bother reproducing the zigzag, illogical and verbose attempt at translating the Surah which the author attempts. It is just too stupid for words.

8.     The ‘cherry on the top’ that clearly exposes the fraudster here is his/her final point, which literally ‘places the nail on the coffin’ and should convince even sceptics of the total absurdity of that entire article. The simpleton says that the word Co-Ro-Na (if the letters are mixed around) spells Na-Co-Ro, which according to him/her is the “correct legal name” and it spells “Naqor”, which appears in Aayat 8 of the Surah.

The word naqoor which appears in the Surah refers to the Trumpet that will be blown at the advent of Qiyaamat. What the relevance of it is to ‘coronavirus’ is incomprehensible to any sane mind.

In fact, this last point in the foolish article, proves the absurdity and pure unadulterated stupidly of the author of this article. Furthermore, this description extends to anyone who circulates this atrocity of an article.

 May Allah Ta`ala grant us all good sense to recognise Haqq from Baatil and may He have mercy on this Ummah