An article by some queer Klopse entitled: “Islamic Texts: A Source for Acceptance of Queer Individuals into Mainstream Muslim Society”, is a desperate attempt by homosexuals to justify and “find acceptance” amongst Muslims for their kufr beliefs and queer practices. Their stupid ‘arguments’ are as wretched and queer as the homosexuals themselves.

Whilst we find it to be a superfluous exercise to respond to the entire article, we will just point out a couple queer issues they have raised, so that true Muslims may understand the queers are clutching at straws in a futile attempt at changing Divine Law.

The entire article is merely a play at words and verbose ‘arguments.’ Even a Muslim, not learned in the sciences of Qur`aan and Sunnah will easily understand the inanity of their furtive attempts at seeking acceptance for their queer lifestyle and abomination. Homosexuals need to understand that the unnatural act they indulge in is totally Haraam and wholly unacceptable in Islam. They can present arguments by like-minded kuffaar from their “Abrahamic religious unity” joke, from now until Qiyaamat but they will never succeed in duping true Muslims.

In this monstrosity of an article, the pathetic author at first is at pains in alluding that the entire concept of Ahaadith compilation is not authentic or reliable. He casts aspersions at the galaxy of Ahaadith we have today, and unsuccessfully tries to debunk the Ahaadith, especially those regarding their filthy perverted lifestyle, as being unreliable. He stupidly states: “Hadith contain many inconsistencies, contradictions and distortions of facts.” [Nauthubillah!]

And then this swine further moronically states, “Let’s make no apology that there are verses in the Quran that left even the Prophet Mohammad [pbuh] uncomfortable.” [Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon!] This absurdity and insult levelled at our Creator in this heretical statement boils the blood of every Believer. In an Islamic State such a pathetic excuse for a human would be put to the sword!

Initially he tries to negate the Hadith and then he proffers his view on how he thinks Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) thought about the Kalaam of Allah Ta`ala! Wherefrom did he get this filthy notion? It is obvious that this porcine is shooting in total darkness.

To further entrench his lopsided mentality, which obviously has rotted away following the years of bestiality and sodomy, he gives his own interpretation of the Aayat in the Qur`aan Majeed wherein Hadhrat Lut (alaihi salaam) told the rascals who came to his home, that his daughters are there if they wish to make Nikah and satisfy themselves in a Halaal way. This queer porcine claims that Hadhrat Lut (alaihi salaam) offered his daughters up for prostitution to satisfy a pagan custom in order to save the angels who were his guests! How absurd is porcine ‘logic’? Which man, especially a great and noble Nabi, would offer up his daughters to be ravaged for some pagan custom in order to save angels?? These mighty angels needed no saving from those cohorts of this queer that penned this rotten article. The angels that visited Hadhrat Lut (alaihi salaam), who by the way, were the greatest of all angels, were more than capable of destroying the entire earth with one swipe of a wing. Hadhrat Jibraeel (alaihi salaam) most certainly did not need any saving of a mortal!

This idiot is further at great pains to ‘prove’ that the nation of Lut (alaihi salaam) – people of Sodom and Gomorrah as he refers to them – were not punished because of their homosexual behaviour. He claims they were punished for a multitude of other evils. He stupidly tries to play down the gravity of the sin of his filthy lewd practice of homosexuality.

The Klopse moffie must understand that the Arabic word لواطة which stems from the name of the noble Nabi, Hadhrat Lut (لوط) alaihi salaam actually means ‘homosexuality’. Even according to his non-Muslim buddies, the word ‘sodomy’ stems from the words ‘Sodom’, the nation of people that were destroyed by Allah Ta’ala. These irrefutable facts have come down the ages and generations. They have been accepted by Muslims and other religions since time immemorial. This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the evil for which this nation was cursed was homosexuality. This porcine now, in this belated age, wants the entire human race to believe differently, just to satisfy his inane lust for male genitalia.

Filthy porcines with filthy minds that parade as humans have no place in society. The punishment meted out by the Khulafa-e-Raashidden, from the very early ages of Islam, for queers, gays, lesbians and homosexuals, is something he can NEVER efface from our beautiful Deen. In an Islamic State, such perverts are to be executed, burnt or flung from a high cliff. Nothing, absolutely nothing he says, or his ‘enlightened’ cohorts claim, will ever change the Islamic ruling.

The depraved LGBQT bunch must understand well…very well, that their immoral homosexual behaviour will never EVER find acceptance in Islam and as long as they come out of that proverbial ‘closet’, they will never EVER find acceptance amongst Muslims.

 May Allah Ta’ala save us all from the corrupted minds of those who wish to spread corruption and fitnah on earth.